Our History

A Foundation as a House Church

Covenant Love Fellowship church was founded in early 2006 by business owners Mike Cheney and Steve Vaughan. Christ had separately given both men a desire to be involved with a family integrated church  after their involvement in large churches for most of their adult lives. Their paths crossed due to business circumstances, and the subject of church became a topic of conversation. This led to the idea of planting a church together.

Following some early meetings involving much prayer and planning as well as the study of the Westminster Confession and Second London Baptist Confession, the men found themselves in agreement on most matters other than baptism (Paedobaptism vs Credobaptism). They asked the Lord to direct their thoughts, words and deeds, and were led to the conclusion that they should not divide over this but should remain together in unity, liberty and charity. This same mind is also found with our member families.

We began meeting in the Vaughan’s home and in 2011 moved to a building located at 19023 E. Plaza Dr. in Parker, CO