Our Leadership

Growing as a Christian Family

It’s a truism that an organization is only as strong as its leaders. Both the Bible and experience underscore this basic premise. At Covenant Love Fellowship, we believe that our leadership should not be based upon business models. Rather, it should be built upon the directives of the Bible and the historic practice of the church. As such, our leadership is not hierarchical (top down) nor is it populist (bottom up) but it consists of servant-leaders who have been called, set apart, and authorized to shepherd the flock.

Although we are far from perfect as leaders, our earnest desire is to serve our Chief Shepherd Jesus Christ (shepherd par excellence) with humility and integrity.

Mike Cheney

Cheney Fam photoMike and his wife, Roxie, have been blessed with two children, Annie and Corey.

Mike is involved in several entrepreneurial ventures and is a Director of Christian Home Educators of Colorado (CHEC).

He is a founder and teaching elder of Covenant Love Fellowship.

Steve Vaughan

Vaughan Family

Steven is the husband of Jennifer and together they have six children; Ashley, Zach, Amanda, Abigail, Allie, and AnnaMarie. He holds a BS in Nursing and a BA in Philosophy.

Besides being a founder and teaching elder of Covenant Love Fellowship, Steven is a business owner, Speech and Debate coach, Board Member for CHEC, Workshops Chairman for the CHEC Conference Committee, Director for the Midwifery program, and a musician. He also loves to roast his own coffee, and is in search of the perfect blend.

Hugh Fitzpatrick

Hugh met his best friend, Heather, who became his wife in 1994. They have been blessed with two children (one biological and one adopted) whom they are happily teaching at home.

As an elder, Hugh is passionate about marrying God’s timeless truths to everyday life. He believes that he best serves those under his care by walking close to God, carefully handling Scripture, and through pastoral care. Most of all, he loves to watch God’s Word come alive to people as they grow closer to Jesus Christ.

Hugh is employed at Stevinson Toyota west, in Lakewood, as a car salesman (since February, 2013).